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The HDhat Video Tours Camera is not available in any store. The kit includes our exclusive Video Stabilizer Bar that helps to insure that our clients produce professional quality video tours everytime. Both items have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee....so if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return the item for a full refund!
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Real Estate Video Tour support and questions can be answered by our staff 7 days a week from 9 a.m - 10 p.m. eastern time by simply calling toll free 877-245-1488.

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Video Tours Tip
When filming a room with a bright window film the room with the bright window behind you. The window can effectively light the room but if you point the camera directly at that window you can expect a "dark" effect in your finished property video.

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Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you to the growing # of clients who use HDhat Real Estate Video Tours to market their real estate listings with online HD quality video tours.

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HDhat Real Estate Video Tours Systems the industries highest quality property video tours at unmatched prices. Here is how it works. The agent films and send us via our video upload system up to 5 video clips per real estate listing. HDhat then edits, hosts and sends the agent a branded tour link, un-branded tour link and a link to their agent personal video tours channel.
A branded & unbranded tour link sent to you for your MLS/Company/Personal Site, plus posting of the tour to Realtor.com & Youtube.

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NOTE: Within a few hours of uploading your first set of video files someone from our staff will contact you for billing and account setup information. Then our professional staff will get to work producing the highest quality real estate videos in the business. Click Upload Files above to get started today!

REAL ESTATE VIDEO TOURS are a great way for real estate professionals to market their properties and give buyers a real feel for the layout of a home.POV(Point of View) Video Tours takes this even a step further by creating a single non-stop video so that an online buyer can feel as if they actually toured the home from start to finish. We encourage our agents not to clip or edit the video but instead to turn the camera on and film the tour in one continuous real estate tour of the home including walking up and down stairs and opening and closing doors. This gives the online buyer the feeling that they viewed the entire property and not some post production edited video. It is what makes POINT OF VIEW(POV) Video Tours so extraordinary and popular with online home buyers.

REAL ESTATE VIDEO TOURS also goes beyond the traditional virtual tour by bringing in sound and narration. Here the agent can describe in detail certain features of the listing that make it unique and interesting. The agent can also mention their contact info. and website information. Agents are also encouraged to invest in separate corrugated signs that advertise a "Video Tour" at their website address. These signs in the yard increase traffic to the agents listings and help the agent to capture more direct leads from their real estate video tour.

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"My sellers love Video Tours andPOV Video Tours has made it simple for me to produce high quality tours with ease and little expense."

Paul Derby, Re/Max Real Estate Pros, Lansing, MI

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"I love the videos and will be doing more. I am so busy since posting my HD Video Tours that I almost don't need anymore buyers....oops did I say that :). I am really busy though. Thanks POV Video Tours!"
Laura Mullaney-Broker/Owner, Re/Max, St. Johns, MI